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Adams Polishes – The Best Detailing Products

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

When it comes to my jeep, I only use the best of the best to wash & detail it. It’s never easy trying to find quality car care products because there are so many different companies out there and tons of reviews saying one brand is better then the other. I’m here to tell you why i’m dedicated to Adams polishes and why their company is the one to go with. Here is a little review of some of my favorite products from Adams Polishes.

Adams Polishes Review

I started using Adams polishes about 2 years or so ago and never went back. I used to just wash my old jeep with dawn dish soap or cheap stuff from Walmart, and didn’t realize what it was doing to my paint until one day my clear coat on my old jeep starting peeling off. I knew in that moment that I would never settle for cheap car care products that would ruin my paint ever again.

All of Adams Polishes products are specially formulated to give you the best results while still being gentle enough to not harm your exterior or interior of your vehicle.

Theres a few fun ways for you wash your car with Adams polishes, you can stick with the old sponge and bucket method… or you can get the foam cannon. The Adams foam cannon is exactly what it sounds like, it literally sprays soap all over your car and is oddly satisfying to do!

If you aren’t into the foam cannon, I recommend getting the Adams 5 gallon bucket with the grit guard to keep all the dirt at the bottom of the bucket and off your sponge. As far as sponges go, I use the Adam’s Gray Microfiber Wash Mitt. It is super gentle on your paint, and won’t leave any swirls or scratches.

Soap The soap you are gonna wanna get all depends on what time of washing you will be doing. If you are gonna be using the foam cannon, I recommend using Adams Mega foam or Ultra Foam shampoo. If you are sticking with the bucket and sponge method, I would use Adams Car Shampoo or theWash & Wax. Last but not least, if you are like me who travels a lot and doesn’t always have access to a hose,Adams Rinseless Wash is a must have! All you need is a little bit of the Rinse-less Wash mixed into a 5 gallon bucket of water, a couple microfiber towels, and you’re good to go! Wax Waxing your car after washing is essential to keep your pain protected and looking its best. Adams polishes has tons of wax and detailing sprays for you to choose from, but here’s some of my favorites!

  • Adams Detail Spray

    • The detail spray enhances shine, leaves no streaks or residue, aids in drying and has a strawberry fragrance to it!

  • Adams Spray Wax

    • The spray wax is similar to the Detail spray but has a few more benefits to it. It’s safe on all exterior surfaces (paint, bumper, fenders , etc.) It protects against water spotting, and has a raspberry scent!

  • Adams Buttery Wax

    • Adams buttery wax is the best wax to use if you want long lasting protection. It Fills Imperfections, Leaving A Flawless Shine.

    • You are going to wanna use a Hex grip to apply the wax, and do 1 panel at a time for best results.

Wheels & Tires Whether you off-road or use your car as your daily driver, your wheels and tires always get filthy. Adams Polishes offer a Wheel Cleaner that removes stubborn brake contamination and metallic grime from your wheels. Their wheel cleaner uses a color changing formula that lets you know it’s working. It will go from a teal color to a deep purple when its clean. To clean my tires I use the Tire & Rubber Cleaner. This cleaner is specially formulated to clean all the grease and discoloration on your tires. It leaves your tires with a dark rich color, and helps reduce scuffs you might get on the road. Even though it leaves the tires looking clean, I still like to top it with Adams Tire Shine! To clean the tires and wheels I use these items below.

Interior Adams Polishes has a Full line of interior products to keep your interior looking brand new! Adams All Purpose Cleaning Gel

  • This can be used on Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Wood, Carpet, Dashboards, & Upholstery. It removes all dirt, stains and grime from your interior and has a fresh cotton scent!

  • I use the Adams Cockpit Brush along with the cleaning gel to get all the dirt and stains out of my interior.

  • Formulated to Cut through Dirt, Dust, and other Film Contaminants, while still being safe to use on tinted windows. It also leaves no streaks so you get a clear window every-time.

Lifestyle Adams polishes offers more than just care care products. They also have apparel, Stickers, Bags, etc! If you have been 2nd guessing what care products to go with, Hopefully this article helped you make up your mind! Adams is the best car detailing company out there, You won’t be disappointed!

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